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Vuelve el Congreso Internacional ISCORE en Barcelona

El Congreso Internacional Spinal Cord Repair Meeting (ISCORE’17) volverá a Barcelona el 3 y 4 de noviembre organizado por la Fundación Step by Step. Es la cuarta edición de este congreso bianual iniciado en 2011 y que es el principal punto de encuentro europeo de los científicos que investigan en el campo de las lesiones…

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What is a Vibrosphere?

Vibrosphere® is similar to an unstable balance platform  used to work with patients with different  neurological pathologies, but with the peculiarity that the platform machine vibrates. Vibrations can vary from 25-45 Hz (beats per second) and can be maintained over time between 15 and 90 seconds. The vibration causes activation of tonic muscle fibers, thereby…

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ISCORE 2011 Summary

  The 1st International Spinal Cord Repair Meeting, organized by Step by Step Foundation, was celebrated in Duran and Reynals Hospital in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona). The conference was inaugurated by Ms. Núria Marín, mayor of Hospitalet, Dr. Carles Miquel, Head of Research at the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Dr. Xavier Corbella, Director…

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Ekso STEP training

Ekso is a portable bionic exoskeleton designed to perform standing and walking in people with lower extremity weakness or total paralysis, as in the case of complete spinal cord injuries. Within the complex structure of the apparatus, the Ekso contains a number of receptors that activate motors of the hip and knee, providing the correct…

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