About Step by Step Foundation

About the Foundation

ISCORE ’17 is organized by Step by Step Foundation (2007-), a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation for those with spinal cord injuries to provide personal autonomy, social reintegration and a better quality of life for the spinal cord injured and their families. (www.fundacionstepbystep.org)




Currently, thanks to corporate support and private donations, Step by Step Foundation subsidizes more than 50% of the cost of its rehabilitation program. This subsidy applies to ALL those who receive treatment at our center regardless of their country of permanent residence. Currently, 10% of the spinal cord injured who visit our center come from outside of Spain, and receive funding from the Foundation to finance the cost of rehabilitation.

If you would like to make a donation to help support the spinal cord injured community from Spain and from abroad, please click on the following link: I’d like to make a contribution go to FSBS site (coming soon).


In Step by Step Foundation we believe in physiotherapy and physical activity as tools for recovery and maintenance of health in general. Pending scientific and medical advances that can achieve the ultimate recovery is essential to correct and maximize the residual capacity of the individual after spinal cord / brain injury and keep the body in good physical shape.

Communication and direct relationship between injured and physiotherapist are essential to make a good rehabilitation process. Is committed to a program of personalized and individualized treatment based on continuous feedback between injured and physiotherapist.


The mission of the Step by Step Foundation is to provide physiotherapy injured a proposal based on a custom quality treatment, which enables monitoring process efficient rehabilitation impacting largely on improving their quality of life.


Continue the rehabilitation process once completed the first stage of recovery.

To provide a method of treating injured enabling them to move forward in their recovery process and improve quality of life.
Demonstrate the compatibility of this type of treatment with conventional treatments can be carried out.
Provide injured a treatment program run continuously in time.


Our contact:
Carrer Dolors Aleu 19-21, 3º 3ª L’Hospitalet de Llobregat • Barcelona

Tel.: +34 932 231 663



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